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Ben's satellite page

This page is updated frequently. Please visit often as details can change...


News and information

  1. Equipment
    1. Projector
      1. We have decided on the Epson EMP-5350 deal at $5900 ex gst, including a wheel-about case worth approx $185
      2. Will it be ceiling mounted? I have details of how to construct a mount.
      3. If it will be ceiling mounted, a larger screen may have to be installed at the same time, otherwise the ceiling mount may have to be shifted (a lot of hassle).
    2. Dish
      1. Dish from Antenna World is better quality than "Comstar" dishes and approximately same price.
      2. Quare on quality of Broken Hill and Gawler dishes - they are apparently ok despite claims to contary.
      3. LNB covers can be purchased separatley and installed: Broken Hill has done this. I saw $25 somewhere.
      4. I have borrowed a "Satellite Handbook" from uni. It has lots of info about installing dishes, although some info is not applicable since it is a UK book. It seems to be targeted at dish installers.
  2. Decisions and so on
    1. We are getting a dish.
      1. I understand AMC order has been placed.
      2. See Council Approval below
    2. AMC prices do not reflect a package deal, however they recommend we buy the "standard package" so we are the same as everyone else for technical assistance and instructional reasons. Local dish would probably come with local support.
    3. I might be able to provide transport from AMC via youth congress, saving freight charges (if the equipment can get to Ballarat, also depending on my mode of transport)
    4. Meetings / decisions
      1. What is satellite evangelism - done. I have notes and transparency masters for the video. I hope this helped everyone, I haven't heard much feedback yet. Unfortuatley everyone was in a hurry and it was a hot day.
      2. Projector - Done. We chose EMP 5350 as above. I have notified both companies of our decision and have told Leedall that we wish to hold purchase until funds are availble early next year.
      3. Satellite - which dish, where to locate. Where to locate equipment. Apparently dish from Antenna World is better quality than Comstar dishes. About same price. I understand the AMC order has been placed.
      4. Transport for items purchased from AMC/Sydney. If they can be shipped to Balarat, I could bring them back.
      5. Part three of the AGCN video - "Effective preparation and use of satellite evangelism" Duration 33 minutes. This explains one method of performing satellite evangelism and is rather comprehensive. I think it would be wise to do this once we have the projector, and allow for discussion afterwards on how it all applies to us.
    5. Will we update the building so it complies with "public space" codes for use at night?
      1. Do we install exit lights? (can be expensive)
      2. This may also require a ramp at the entry.
    6. Where do we put the equipment?
      1. This may depend on where the dish goes
      2. Do we construct a (lockable) cabinet?
        1. AGCN installation instructions recomend a lockable steel cabinet, however I think this is a world-wide generalisation. Something simpler may be adequate for us.
        2. The church has been broken into previously, but I understand nothing has been touched.
        3. Opinions have been voiced about upgrading security - current external doors are not solid. Deadlocks could be installed as well.
    7. Council approval
      1. Birdwood is under the Adelaide Hills Council
      2. Development approval is required for dishes greater than 1.2 M diameter within townships.
      3. They require
        1. Site plan showing distances from buildings and boundaries
        2. Details of dish - generally from manufacturer (seems to be dimensions, appearance and dish height)
        3. Development application form
      4. I have a development application form.
        1. Schedule 21 or 22 of dev. reg 1993 not applicable. (dish is not a piggery, helicopter landing site..) Not Brukunga, Not near airport.
        2. Unsure of other answers

Updated December 20, 2000