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Ben Reuter's Links

I have placed most of my bookmarks on this page in the hope that they will be useful and interesting for you. It should be easy to find some of my interests by browsing through this list.

I would like to make or find a program to automatically update this list from my bookmarks, as it is a rather tedious job, considering my large collection of bookmarks and favourites.

If there are any useless or disfunctional links, tell me.

Like the rest of this site, this page is Under Under Construction Construction. I am adding my Netscape bookmarks at the moment, but I have heaps in MSIE that I would like to add in the future.


The bookmarks.

Music and Entertainment

Internet Radio Stations

These are the ones that I have found and used, there are heaps more around. Go to the RealNetworks showcase for more. (RealPlayer required)


Web Site

Listen Live




Theatre and Theatre lighting pages



Maglev (mostly)


  • Hardware
    • Manufaturers and specifications
  • Software
    • Games
    • Applications
    • Utilities
  • Education





Sound / Audio equipment

Air Conditioning Equipment

Other sites of interest

I need people to check these links for me. If you find a broken link, email me with the subject "broken link found" or something similar. Tell me which page (eg this one), and what the link was, the error and any tips. Thanks.

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This page last updated Monday November 22, 1999