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Ben's Friends and Family

People are important. This little patch of my web page is dedicated to all of my wonderful friends and family (grovel, grovel).

I won't mention everyone here, because I'm sure that I'd forget somebody. I am not responsible for insulting material, wether intentional or not.


My main family consists of the following people:

My Mother: Mum is Dad's receptionst as well as the residential adminstrator of our house :-)

Mum is a good organiser and is definatley an extravert. Under a different system she is a "sanguine".

Mum and Dad
Mum and Dad

My Father: John Daniel Reuter. Born in a large family in the Netherlands. He is currently a Chiropractor and Naturopath, but was previously a painter.

My Sister: Aneta Beth Clare Reuter: Two years younger than myself, Aneta is allways doing somthing. She enjoys cooking, clothes and books. She makes some of her own clothes. As of 1998 she does home schooling. We manage to get along quite well.

Aneta washing Sarah
Aneta washing the dog (Sarah) in the wheelbarrow

My Grandma: Aneta Mattner. My Mum's mother, Granny lives a few blocks away from us. She does some office work, uses the computer (plays solitaire on it). She seems to enjoy getting things done. She will complain if bored.

Granny driving a houseboat
Granny driving the houseboat

And myself.

Oh - there's also the dog: Sarah. Sarah is Aneta's dog



This part has been Under Construction for far too long.

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