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Ben Reuter's web page


Welcome to my little corner of the web where I can stand on my soapbox and say my two bobs worth.

Aspects of me:


My social life - friends and family


My education, hobbies, thoughts and more


My spiritual life


Maybe I'll make this page one day...


Things that I have done. Currently under Mental.

Lost? Try the site map / contents or search my web site.

Information and resources:

New: Everybody seems to have something to say about the terrorist attacks on America. I reccomend this article by religious

Essential software to download.

Mostly shareware, with links. If it's on the list, I probably use it.


Web sites that I have been to and found interesting and/or useful

Roland AF-70 review and info

Info on the digital feedback eliminator


Information on personalities including my personality.

Pantry Productions

Music that some friends and I worked on.

About this site & Comments

This site is almost a time-capsule of parts of my life in the year 2000 during my first and 2nd years of Uni. Even at that time it was far from complete.

Don't forget to visit the music section. It can be found at .

I'm sorry that I haven't done any major updates recently. Time is short and scarce. Be patient and hang in there. This web site will slowly evolve.

I've done some redesigning of the layout and navigation of the site. I have been trying to create a layout that is simple to use. You may notice some pages that are not coordinated with the rest - these ones are still to be updated.


This page is best viewed with a human brain version 1.0

This site will always beunder construction. Please return periodically.

This page last updated December, 2007