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A sample of Ben's Waffle

I wrote this in a chat session after the person I was chatting to had to go for a while and had said "Stay right here". It is claimed that this is typical of me. Due to peer pressure and high demand, I hereby present a sample of my waffle:

How soon... I'll wait here in cyberspace while you traverse across the butumen (bitumen) on the crust of this lonely and hopeless planet in a primative way while I also multitask and surf the world wide web, updating my cyberspace calendar on my cyperspace bulliten board, sitting in a cold, primative room, with a nice Honeywell keyboard, hooked up to and on to (I'm addicted!!!) the information super slugway via Camtech and a 56K modulater demodulater device which is my only social connection and interest at this present moment. As I waffle on in such manner as is hereforth demonstrated, I wonder of the possibilities and capabilities and contemplate the question "Is there life beyond the internet". To find out, one would need to "... go where no man has ever gone before." It would be a dangerous experiment, but it could support a popular web site on the progress of the expidition.

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This page was created sometime in 1999.