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Transportation is becoming more important to many of the worlds occupants. Many societies are demanding more transportation and faster transportation but are achieving slower transportation, more traffic jams and more pollution, not to mention frustration. Choose one of the topics below to read more about my comments on transportation.



As countries and societies become more 'industrialised' or 'westernised', they pick up the demands for transportation. Often they take the same or similar paths.

Transportation and society

Automobile transportation systems in courtries such as Australia and America put huge pressures on society. I believe that certain transporation systems can assist the breaking down of societies, eventually leading to the increase of crime.

One well known impact of automobile transportation is road rage. I think that this is a predictable outcome of automobile transport.

When travelling in cars (automobiles), a barrier exists between the occupants of each vehicle. When travelling in large metropolitan areas, chances are that a given individual will regognise or know few (if any) occupants of the surrounding vehicles.

I belive the stop-go style of driving and the cluster nature combined with the relative speeds associated with city driving puts a pressure on the driver to co-operate with the cluster.


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This page created June 12, 1999.