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Birdwood Satellite position 6

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Location: In the car park, in area that is generally fenced off for sheep. See diagram.
Good points: Out of the way, small chance of radio interference from building.
Bad points: Long cable may loose some signal strength, requires long trench, lots of conduit and cable. Possible problems with cars parking, animals and falling branches. Extra cost for running cable and hut (if constructed). Potential problem of interferance from cars (ignition systems).
Details: Dish mounted on a pole high enough so that animals, people and cars do not interfere with the signal. Fence may be required around the base. A long trench is required. Receiver either located in church or in a specially constructed hut, which may have temperature problems. If receiver is in the church, there might be a lot of signal loss from the long cable.
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Updated December 22, 2000