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Birdwood Satellite position 5

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Location: On top of  the church roof. Dish would be mounted on a pole that extends through roofing and is attached to the roof supports.
Good points: Allows better receiver location. High location minimizes human and animal interference.
Bad points: Probably require engineering reports for roof strength. Possibly susceptible to storm (wind) damage and interference problems if there is any movement by wind. Requires good waterproofing. Harder to work on angled roof, but easier to work in roof cavity. Unsightly: dish would be visible from the road. Lightning damage a possibility.
Details: A pole extends through the roofing iron, adjacent to an A-frame and rests on a wooden beam. Pole is bolted to the A-frame it passes. Where pole passes through roof, a rubber and zinc waterproofing device is fitted with silicone. Dish is mounted on top of pole. The dish might be visible from the road, and may look unsightly. Proximity to fuse box and car park may add to interferance. Receiver could be located in youth or pastor's rooms, which would probably be a better location.
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Updated December 22, 2000