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Birdwood Satellite position 2

Location: South of the church foyer, near the road and the sign. See 2L for location photo.
Good points: Little posibility of tree problems, space available. Concrete stops weed growth (easy maintainence).
Bad points: Where would equipment go? Placement of receiver. Extra work mounting pole in concrete (depending on technique). Possibility of vandalism. Would power lines affect signal?
Details: The area is currently mostly concrete. It is not used much. Possible receiver positions are under the foyer bench or at the rear of the church (either side). The possibilities are greater if budiling modifications are done. Storm damage unlikely, people damage (from those passing by) is worth considering. The dish would be quite visible from the road. The dish could be mounted at a medium height using a frame bolted into the concrete.
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Updated December 22, 2000