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Birdwood Satellite position 1a

Location: Behind the church, between water tank and fence. See 1b for photo.
Good points: Hidden from view, no likely obstructions, not in the way.
Bad points: Where would equipment go? Trees may grow, but unlikely to grow high enough to interfere. Placement of receiver.
Details: The dish would not be visible from the road. The area is not used much, however grass needs to be mowed in the area. The dish would have to be high enough to mow under unless anti grass measures (concrete slab, weed killer) are implemented. Possible receiver positions are little kids room and the cleaning cupboard. Storm damage unlikely, animal damage is worth considering.

Note: there is a possibility that the compass did not give a true reading for this location as it seems out of alignment compared to the rest. If so, the pine trees may cause problems in a few years.

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Updated December 22, 2000