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The Barossa Wine Train runs refurbished Bluebird rail cars into the Barossa Valley, a famous wine region. Packages for wine tasting tourists seems to be their speciality. The three car consist included 251 and 252.

Barossa Wine Train

The Barossa Wine Train lead by 252.

Barossa Wine Train

Again from the other side.

For more photos, see the Barossa Valley line page.

Track equipment

This photo was taken at Keswick in 1999. It shows the main standard gauge bypassing the Keswick platforms used by freight trains. There are a few lines and a small yard beyond. Once a multiple-engine freight train accelerated along here (40 limit if I remember) while I stood on Keswick interstate platform one. The platform shook, it was awesome.

In the yard is bright yellow Loram equipment. What is it? Something for track work, but really I've got no idea!

Loram equipment