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Keswick is Adelade's interstate rail terminal used by GSR trains. It is just to the west of the CBD. Keswick has three and a bit platforms and is dual guage (standard and broad). Platform one is the most used, platform two is often used by cleaners and storing trains. I'm not sure about platform three (The line is used). The 'bit' is on the other side of platform one at the northern end, where at least two railcars can fit. Quite often there's a bluebird railcar there. In the picture below, the 'bit' is to the right of the picture (can't be seen)

Keswick platform 1. Click for larger image.This is the northern end of platform one, looking south. If it looks deserted, that's because no trains were due. It's quite different when a train comes in. The platforms are very long, typical GSR consists have heaps of extra space. Click for a larger image, if you look hard enough there the carriages in the next picture can be seen (small grey blob)

As a station, Keswick is interesting. It can be spacious or crowded. Inspiring or disgusting. Plain or featured. Cold concrete and bushy trees. Isolated yet so close to the CBD. I think it has an architechtural identity crisis. I like the natural surroundings, but I think it could do with a paint job, maybe something else to add some architectural meaning to the place. Compared to some of the great railway stations of the world, it is a failure.

The south-eastern freeway had a big "gateway to Adelaide" project during the freeway upgrade. They spent a fair bit on the surroundings to make it look good and add meaning to the city's gateway. I think Keswick should be next up. It has potential.

Keswick platform 1

This is platform one from the southern end, looking northeast towards the CBD. (Trees are the parklands around the CBD). A few carriages are in platform two for cleaning, the generator car is at this end. In the background are a load of old carriages. To our left is the station building with cafe, toilets, showers, souvineers, phones, booking desk, baggage handling, "Sandfly" steam loco (static display, mini guage), and more. Also there's an underpass to other platforms. I've noticed the cleaners drive their cars onto platform two to the carriages. When trains are in, buggies similar to the baggage trucks at airports drive along platform one with linnen, luggage and supplies. This gets quite crowded when there are passengers on the platform as well. I think a double-sided platform would be better so staff, supplies and equipment to access the train without passengers in the way (ie passengers use one side, staff the other) but the problem with this is access for the workers that fill the water tanks and connect air hoses and the rest.

24 hour car park: $2 First hr,  $4 2nd hour

There is ample car parking, but prices are high. Lots of people don't pay as inspections are rare, if at all. The brick paving goes onto platform one, good accessability for wheeled objects (baggage, wheelchairs)

End broad guage, start CTC

These are the lines to the south of Keswick that go to Melbourne. On the right is the freight line that bypasses the platforms. In the middle is the dual guage line out of Keswick, note the end of broad guage (small white sign says: "End broad guage"). To the left are the suburban (broad guage) lines. A station is just out of the picture, this station and extra photos are on my suburban Keswick page. The road bridge is a major intersection and is the way to walk from the interstate to the suburban station.

Overview of Keswick and old cars

This final photo overlooks Keswick looking North. Platform one is on the left, in the middle are the lines for platform three, the motorail facility and the Keswick passenger yard. Outside the photo, past the shrub on the left is the freight bypass and yard. (I think there's also a crossing loop there). In th mid right there are lots of old cars in a fenced-off area. To the right of this are four suburban lines (between carriages and grassy embankment). I am standing on the bridge that serves as one of the entries to Keswick, which is outside the previous picture. The freight line goes under this bridge.