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Suburban lines at Keswick

Lines heading south under bridge

This is one of the suburban platforms at Keswick. There are four platforms here, all serviced by stairs from the bridge above. The talking information boxes are at the top of the stairs, use them to check which platform the next trains will be on. There is another suburban station at the other end of Keswick (gives some idea of the length!) but I don't think you can legally get to Keswick from there, also quite a few trains go express past it. To get to Keswick interstate from here, go up the stairs and turn right at the top. Keep walking past the bushes in the pic and you'll soon be at signs denoting the enterance to the GSR Keswick terminal. Turn right and follow the footpath which will take you over another bridge towards Keswick terminal. If you have baggage, it is suggested you pay a bit (lot) more for the Airport-City bus or a taxi. Or drive.

We are looking south, and can see the stairs going up to the bridge, a red signal, the ETSA building (top right) and signals for the standard guage lines. The underpass goes to the other side of the roadbridge, where one can walk to the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds. The next station is also walking distance from the showgrounds, but it's at the animal end where there aren't as many entries. This one is at the sideshow end.

Walking through the underpass is a very interesting experience when a train passed express on the closest tracks. It happened to me as I went to take this photo:

5 lines heading south

This is the view at the end of the underpass (steps to the side). Here we can see four broad guage suburban lines (some obviously more frequently used) and the standard guage line to Murray Bridge and eventually Melbourne (on the right).

The lines soon split up, two lines cross over the standard guage and go to Noarlunga and Tonsely while the rest head for the hills. The next suburban station after this split actually has a platform for the standard guage line!

In the right of the photo we can see houses, the left shows large buildings which are (probably) part of the showgrounds. If you want to walk to the showgrounds from this station, here are my recommendations: Walk through the underpass shown in the top photo (platforms 2&3 if I recall correctly). Walk up the stairs and you'll be at road level. Next you need to head East, which is away from the ETSA builiding. Do not go over the train lines. Do not cross the main roads. You should be walking towards yet parallel with the parklands. Also if it's not cloudy, you'll be walking directly towards the hills (and directly away from the ETSA builidng). Very soon you'll see a small one-way sidestreet on the right, paralell to the train lines. Walk down it. It will curve to the left, follow it around. You should now be walking east again, with houses on the left, car parking on the right, and the showgrounds beyond the parking, but keep walking east. (walk on the Right hand side as traffic will make it difficult to cross further up). About two blocks later you'll come across the main enterance.

If you are going the other way, exit the main enterance (near the ferris wheel) and walk past the bus stops to the first street. Turn left. You should be walking along a side street that has a curve to the right. When you end up at a busy main road with parklands beyond, turn left and head towards the big bridge. You should see the big ETSA building (glass building in photos above). Near where cars stop at the lights, there will be stairs to your left. Take them, you'll end up at the station, where you can go down to platforms or up to the info box.

I have drawn a map that I'll put here one day.