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Welcome to the wall.

Congratulations on finding this (slightly hidden) page.

What is the function of a wall? Normally walls are to stop things. But walls can be vandalised. This is a virtual wall, so virtual vandalism would do virtual damage to it. Since it's all virtual, it doesn't cost as much as a normal wall.

So what's this wall for? figure it out yourself. You should be smart enough. It's a virtual wall, which is cheaper than a normal wall. It would be easy to reverse the effects of and modifications, and since I created the wall, I can do what I want to it. I can make the wall as public or as private as I want.

Since I created this wall, I will do what I want to it. I will put on it what I want. To get to the point, I'll modify it how I want. I'll put virtual graffiti on it. Since I created the wall and the graffiti, it's all mine, therefore it's not vandalism. So here goes:

T h e .g r a f f i t i .w a l l

SquiggleWelcome to The Graffiti wall Squiggle



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