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Analysis of the existing setup

The current setup can be divided into the following subsystems: The 'FOH' church sound seems to be attracting the most attention. "Cry room" sound must be kept, however it seems that recording facilities have changed in requirements - video recording is now used making tape recording obsolete. A hearing aid induction loop is a requirement of the new system.

Below is a summary table showing the changes required as I understand.
Subsystem Action
'FOH' (main) church sound Improved sound quality required (see below)
"cry room" sound Maintain current features
recording facilites Changed to video - maybe provide audio output
hearing aid induction loop Required addition

I am attempting to find possible solutions to fulfull the above requirements, at an affordable price with easily obtainible components of an acceptable quality.

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Page and contents by Ben Reuter, Updated Thursday September 21, 2000