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Adelaide Hills

There are many stations dotted throughout the Adelaide Hills. Here is a small sample:


Nairne features a prominent sign on the main road advising its presence. Near the station is a park with barbecues.

Station and park from the roadNairne RS sign


The station itself is maintained by the local Lions club, and it seems that somebody might live there.

Front of Nairne RS

The platforms are in reasonable condition, however it looks like the sidings have been removed.

Nairne platform

There is talk of extending the park along this land, I hope they consider safety and future expansion.


This station has dual lines, and seems to be some sort of maintenance depot. It used to be a junction for the Mt Pleasant line (long dismantled).

Balhannah Station

Near Balhannah, approaching from Adelaide, is this section of track.

Track near Balhannah

It is easily accessible from the Onkaparinga Valley highway, which can be seen on the right. A three aspect signal is in the photo, but is blank as no trains are due.

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