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Tender for interior refurbishment of 3100 series railcars.

Exerpts from tender - for official tender information refer to the SA tenders website and search for provider "TransAdelaide". Otherwise for personal copies download this unofficial copy.


This specification is for the supply and installation of replacement floor covering, window glazing, seat covering and associated items in up to 10, 3100 class diesel electric railcars. It is expected that all work will be completed by June 2002. All 10 railcars nominated will have floor coverings replaced whilst window glazing and seat cover replacement may have to extend beyond June 2002 due to availability of railcars, timing with other projects and workshop space availability. The railcars to be effected by this tender are 3103, 3104, 3105, 3106, 3107, 3108, 3109, 3110, 3111 and 3112. It is the contractor's responsibility to be informed as to the specific requirements for each railcar. Inspection of the railcars can be arranged as required,. Refer to Clause 11 of this Part. The following details provide the scope of work for each element as it would apply to one railcar only.


Material is to be Altro D25 Safety Flooring, colour Midnight D25421
2.1 Remove seat cushions and backs from fibre glass frames and store.
2.2 Remove hand grips from fibre glass frames and send out to be safety yellow powder coated.
2.3 Remove fibre glass seat frames, drivers seat and miscellaneous fittings required to access existing floor covering for removal.
2.4 Remove Guards Compartment desk and seat and make repairs to internal end wall.
2.5 Remove existing carpet and Pirelli rubber floor covering, make good any damage to floor and sand smooth.
2.6 Lay Altro Safety Flooring using Altrofix 30 or similar Polyurethane Adhesive.
2.7 Refit fibre glass seat frames, hand grips, seat cushions and backs. The seat cushions and backs may have been reupholstered in a material different to the original. Refer to clause 4.
2.8 Refit drivers seat and miscellaneous fittings that may have been removed to lay new floor covering.
2.9 Fit new 3 seater fibre glass seat frame to Guards compartment and fit seat cushions and backs.
2.10 Remove debris and clean floor.


This work is to be carried out only on those railcars nominated during final negotiations.
3.1 Remove and replace 15 outside passenger side window panels with new 10 mm (3/8") poly-carbonate panel (Lexan MR10 or equivalent) fitted on the outside surface with anti-graffiti film. Note that as the original panels were 11.7 mm thick a suitable water proof packer will be required to prevent ingress of moisture between the poly-carbonate and glass panels.
3.2 Remove and replace 15 inside window panes with new 5 mm clear toughened glass, to AS 2080 Safety Glass for Land Vehicles, fitted on the inside of the railcar with anti-graffiti film. Note that suitable crystals for absorbing moisture are to be placed at the bottom of the air gap between the 2 panels.
3.3 Remove and replace Guard's Compartment screen with new 5 mm clear toughened glass to AS2080 Safety Glass for Land Vehicles, fitted both sides with anti-graffiti film.
3.4 Remove film if required on the front window (adjacent to the driver) and supply and install anti-graffiti film to both inside and outside surfaces.
3.5 Supply and install to 2 end wall windows anti-graffiti film to both inside and outside.
3.6 Supply and install to each end communicating door window anti-graffiti film to both inside and outside.
3.7 Remove and replace all passenger entry side door window panels with new 10 mm (3/8") poly-carbonate panels fitted inside and outside with anti-graffiti film.


Seat cushions and backs may or may not be recovered but it will be determined during final negotiations which will be recovered in new material and which will be returned to the railcar in existing livery.
4.1 Arrange with Goninan to provide the required number of seat cushions and seat backs for the railcar concerned.
4.2 Recover all supplied seat cushions and backs with Holdsworth Australasia fabric Cat. No. YV/P23463 (Overlapping Diamond) or Cat. No A866ST (Graffiti without STA NSW logo) or similar fabric as negotiated. Seat cushions and backs to be returned in time for refitting to railcar as per clause 2.7.

5. WARRANTY (12 months. Not very interesting)


The successful contractor or contractors will provide a schedule for the work to be undertaken. It is expected that work should commence by the beginning of February 2002 and be completed before the end of June 2002. The schedule will detail the length of time required to complete each component on each railcar and be based on no more than two railcars being provided at any one time.


The successful contractor or contractors are required to nominate the work site where they expect the work will be carried out. If at the Adelaide Maintenance Centre the contractor will have to negotiate with Goninan for a suitable location to do the work and for the use of any facilities or utilities required. If not at the Adelaide Maintenance Centre contractors are reminded that they will require a facility with Broad Gauge rail access to the Adelaide metropolitan broad gauge rail network.


As mentioned above in clause 6 no more than 2 railcars will be provided at any one time for the work and release of the railcar will require negotiation with Goninan at the Adelaide Maintenance Centre. Due to the limited availability of railcars it may be necessary for the contractor to share the railcar with other contractors undertaking other work or modifications at the same time. This will be negotiated with the successful contractor or contractors at the time on a railcar by railcar basis.