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Pantry Productions presents

 Mitchell, Glendon and Andrew Harris

 During July and August 2000 this page might be updated as more recording is planned. CD(s) should be available by August/September 2000.

These three brothers recorded 3 songs in the Pantry Productions studio. The songs are:

A list of equipment that was used.

About the Harris boys

The three Harris brothers are from a musical family in Broken Hill, Australia. They are all skilled at music, performing for school, church and family occasions. Their skills are across a wide variety of music as the above samples demonstrate.


Main musical Abilities

Mitchell Harris

Composition, Piano, Vocals, Flute

Glendon Harris

Composition, Guitar (classical, lead, rhythm), Bass, Drums, Vocals, Jews harp.

Andrew Harris

Vocals, Piano, Flute

(Ben Reuter)

Mixing, recording, perfectionism and a few developing talents...

About Pantry Productions

Pantry Productions is a name that was jokingly created from the fact that we recorded most vocals in a walk-in pantry. Pantry productions is run by Ben Reuter and is currently not a commercial venture.

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