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The scratch pad.


Glendon's song


God's love (for us)
.. died upon the tree, to save you and me...

A Time for Everything

	A time for laughter

Time - time management. Time for God. Running out of time.

Who, me?

Moses walking in the desert
Standing by the burning bush, asks: Who, me?
something suitable

(I can only think of a hopeless tune for this one, it doesn't suit what it's saying. I want one that's catchy and likable, one that suits it. Maybe a bit up-beat/up-tempo if it's possible. The whole thing seems a bit silly to me at the moment.)


People are educated to learn more about less
God gives us talents.
He's broadening our .....
He gives us blessings.
Don't waste
Develop the talents He's given you.
Then He'll give you more.
Glorifying God with our talents.
Marching through university
learning more and more about less
Soon it'll all be history
you'll know all there is to know about zip.
I choose to
Climb that path to the pearly gates
the rocky road,
the scenic route.
Ya given talents to invest
look hard enough, and you'll find 'em
God - given talents that cannot rest
ya gotta use them, thoughtfully.
Investment - what we gotta do
ya gotta use 'em, exercise
If ya need (some) help, He'll help ya through
He'll show you the way, where to go.
It's the way I wanna go (yo!),
following Him to the end
If we exercise our skills,
He'll bless us with many more
So lets use 'em wisely, worshipping Him

Our guide / Don't worry.

(stuff about probs in world)
But don't worry
He'll guide us through,
He'll take care of us.
Our loving Father, up above.
(stuff about lukewarmness)
(stuff about time of trouble)

Acceptance shown to us - this one is definatley sad. (but just ideas atm)

Just a miserable sinner.
Why would God want to sent his son to die for me?
Why should Jesus go through that agony?
... Calvary
... upon the tree.
------------maybe in the same song, maybe separate-----------------
Doing stupid things
Why would he want me?
Choosing wrong instead of right,
Choosing the wrong path,
Falling down, repeatedly
Why can't we learn from our mistakes?
Flee from our sinful ways?
I just wanna flee
from this life on sin
God makes me free
thanks to his son

Sinful core, whitewashed tombs, looking good on outside, choose not to see bad, bad can be seen if looked for, always there.


swinging to extremes

Narrow Minded ( I have tune ideas for this one. It's still being developed)

We are narrow-minded people
with a rather tunnelled view

Oil (possible for an album named something like "Home Handyman"...)

[Idea:] We need oil to keep it running smoothly.

Blueprint (Also for the HH album) (Under construction)

Have to follow the Blueprint
Have to follow His Word.
(7) To survive this evil world,
Have to follow the Bible.


Mitch's idea: I have an Idea. A topic that has never been explored much in music it that of after the second coming and not being saved. Description maybe or a person that is there... I dunno.

This will be appearing on the main page soon. Order as shown.

(7)She turned from the life of ___(peace)___ (-+--?-?)
(7)looking for more excitement (-+---+-)
(7)Thought She chose the easy road
(7)Time would show the truth to us(her)
(7) (the) Short-lived fun was good at first,
( ) 'till the novelty wore off
( ) She had to find something else
( ) To satisfy her cravings.
(7)Her life is now so shallow (-+--?+?)
(7)If she tries to go deeper (-+--+?)
(7)She (just) hits the bottom harder.
(2)Shallow              (some big minor chords?)
(7)There is a loving saviour(-++--++)
(7/8)Who/He can make her life (much) deeper
(7)If she'd only accept it. (hold onto 'it' or interlude)
(7)She's looking for acceptance
(7)Love, joy, peace and hope <beat> <beat> (oh, yeah)
( )Will she turn to her saviour,
( )Her sins - s  He has paid for?
(7) The Earth's history is ending,
(7) and she's running out of time.
(7) Has not made a decision,
(7) He/God has loved her all the time. OR ....
[chorus2 - slightly modified tense]
Her life has been so shallow.
When she tried to go deeper
She hit the bottom harder.
There is a loving saviour
Who/He can make her life deeper / He can give her life meaning
If she'd only accept it.


And war broke out in heaven...

late. - I hope this isn't plagurism - I saw a song "It's late and I'm tired" on the net.... inspired this. I didn't read the song.

(2) It's late [xtra beat here if needed], 
(3) I'm tired,
(7) Don't have the time to talk right now.
Things never work
the way our optimistic plans want them to.
Just throw it away,
forget about it. What's the use of trying?

Ideas: we needs friends.

We all need acceptance, love, compliments. 
Sharing. (good and bad times)
support, mutual friendship, understanding.
Together with God we can conquer anything.

Idea?   Shed some light on the topic Clarify the situation.  

+Idea: Tough times

[ideas for chorus]
He'll help us thru the tough times
There's no such things as a escape hatch or an easy way out,
but He can help us thru.
[verse ideas]
procrastination -shifts tough times 'till later
some ppl use drugs to hide reality.

Idea from sermon:   God helps us along... keeps us on our toes. Thank Him. Look ahead... See what he's done for us. With God all things are possible. "All things work together for good for those who love the Lord" eagle?  
[an idea:blessings, love, protection, guidance, insurance, investment, all things work together for good.] Our God is able Thru Him we can do all things Blessings unimaginable, Blessings we don't deserve He cares for us.   [v1] Love unconditional, Blessings unimaginable it's not superficial Our God is able   [v2] Gives us protection, tion. tion. In a hopeless world   [chorus} In God we find love acceptance hope cleansing/ new start. to my tainted life.    
S a b b a t h - a gentle, (smooth), sentimental, acoustic piece. It's mostly +-+- (strong - weak - strong....) --> This song is now on the main page <--   [intro] (4) Shadows lengthen (10)We see the ending of another week. (4) The sun lowers (10)We raise our voices in praise, thanking God {Thanking our creator} (5) for another week <-- to squeeze 'for' in, I've added an extra beat. (5) <beat> for the Sabbath. <-- use <beat> to match the line above.   [verse: i think] (10) A time to look up to our Creator. (4) Time to refeash (4) To leave the world (4) fading, fading (4) we see his light!   to let our problems (4) fade in His power {dissolve/fade in his might/power.}   [Chorus - smoothly, possibly 'piano man' style, maybe a bit faster than the rest] (10)Yes/Oh/<beat>, we thank the Lord for the Sabbath, (Sabbath --> triplet) (5) Gift for humankind, (10)It was blessed by God in creation week (5) Made with us in mind  

T i m e . idea:

beat: ++--++-- OR +-+-+-+- or similar ... every second beat is a 'tick' like the second hand on a clock. At the end of the song make an alarm ring (ie analog bedside clock) A steady mentronome-like beat.

Time is run-ning past us quickly
What-cha gon-na do with the time?

B i g n e s s a song about power. (idea only atm)

He's big

Idea about giving my life: similar to "Give myself away" by RSJ and the hymn: "Take my life and let it be" IMPORTANT: a rest goes where the comma is. Before the comma can be faster and after can be slower (on the lies with commas)   [6] It's only me, Father. [9] In the middle of my nothingness [6] Well I can see, Father [9?]That my deeds are quite worthless [6] But now I know, Father [] That you have plans for me   [Chorus: slow] [7] So I give my self to you, [7] Take me, oh Lord` and use me. [7]   [8] Lord, I'm just another person [5] Useless by my self [8] Lord, take me as your decendent [5] I crave heavenly wealth [9] Empower me as your creation    


I think this has to be slowish as there are so many sillables. Once again this is in no particular order. Please order them.

(6) Where can I find meaning?
(6) In this life, so shallow
(6) Give me maturity   <Where can I find maturity?>
(6) Save us from drowning, Lord
(6) Oh, lead us to Your way (...take us home, we pray)
(12) I want meaning, maturity, I want wisdom.
(6)  Empower me, oh Lord
(12)   I ask that you give me the fruit of your Spirit(, Oh Lord.)
(6)   Give us your direction
(9)  Lost in a world of disilusion
(12) Caught in a moment of immaturity (extra beat needed)
(6)  Why must wounds be exposed?
(6)  Shows [my/our] human nature
(9)  Well I'm a real dependent person (we are real dep...)
(12) yes, I'm a helpless thing without Him in control.
(6)  yeah, useless without God
(6)  Lost without my Jesus (So lost without Jesus)
(9)  Tried to do it by my own accord (... by my very self)
(12) And in the end, I failed miseribly.
(6)  Forgot about the one
(6)  who wants to see us through
(9)  Distracted by things [I/we] shouldn't do
(12) Went down the road that leads to death and distruction.
(6)  Been caught with our 'pants down'
(6)  Looks like we are {drowning/sinking}
Just shows {that/how} I'm {human/mortal/sinful}. / Just shows my origin / 

These song ideas are Copyright. Ben Reuter.
Last update: Friday December 10.