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Rebuild (numbers in brackets are the number of syllables / beats) (A candidate for HH)

Holding on to the ugly (7)
we're not letting go (5)
Aiming for the top of a broken ladder (11)
we're not letting go (5)
Rebuild! (2)
God takes the unsafe things away, (8)
removes the filthy rubble. (7)
Rebuild! (2)
If we'll let him have his way, (7)
He'll put us up where we belong (8)
on the solid foundation. (7)
(7) Going through life so smugly
(5) We think (OR thinking) we are king
(11)We're resting things so unsafe and flimsy
(5) What good can this bring?
(7) Holding onto the shadows
(5) to find them fading.
(11)We're looking things we think are so bright, only
(5) to find them fading.
(7) We try to find salvation (OR Finding our own salvation)
(5) It is free for all
(11)We try to secure everything we do, but
(5) all we do is fall.
{narcissism: exceptional interest in or admiration for oneself...}

These song ideas are Copyright. Ben Reuter.
This page updated August 12, 1999