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Simple Song

This one was inspired by that emotional night at Goubourn. I went to the shower, waited for inspiration to brew and then typed this. Much later, I felt like doing something on the keyboard, so I've made a simple melody for it. Download it here(Music Works format).

Lord, this simple song I bring/sing
as an offering
to my saving king
Lord, please lead me day by day
show me the narrow way
show me what you want for me
Lord, I want to follow you
help me with things I do
to praise you every single day.
God, father, spirit, son
you are (the) three in one,
with you our life is one
Lord, I take your gift of life
Help with my sinful life
strife, knife, 
Lord, I know that Iíve done wrong
help me with this song
to fix all of my wandering

These song ideas are Copyright. Ben Reuter.
This page updated May 15, 2000