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Thinking about you - It's partly inspired by K :-). There are a few weird verses....

Ok, This looks rather weird to me, but here goes. The chorus is slow - words are drawn out. Same with the second and fourth lines of the verse, but the first and third lines might be fast..... Maybe the second and fourth lines of the verse should be almost spoken......

I've been thinkin' 'bout you
Still thinkin' 'bout you
The force I thought that held us together
was just my imagination.
The ropes I thought I saw between us
were due to my contemplation.
Opening my eyes to the wide(r) picture
I saw the whole situation.
Our relationship of shadows, it
had suffered degradation.
Now I see things clearly,
How things were meant to be.
I notice now how nearly
I was washed out to sea.
[bridge-verse - this is a verse with a difference]
I've been swinging to conclusions
yeah, that's right, I've been swinging,
I've been making my own illusions
casting pictures on my(or {the}) wall
I was walkin' 'long my path in life
looin' for my own salvation.
while picking up my act I noticed
{that(I had)} asphyxiation.
[v fart]- this is a weird one that doesn't fit the rest of the song.
Digesting all the tasty morsels
thanks to the food mastication.
All the stinkification coz I
had a prob. with flatulation. (problem of flatulation)
[verse x] (it's encrypted as it's really disgusting. Ben has the key)
[word list:]
(new nation, one nation, (dis)figuration, damnation, Dalmatian)

These song ideas are Copyright. Ben Reuter.
This page updated August 12, 1999