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A song of some sorts. What's a good name??? [Ben notes: narrow track]

Drivin' down the wide road
things seem easy and free, but they're not
Speedin' down the wide road
Where' ya' goin'?
Don't know but it sure feels good.
We all have fun times, but will they last?
What's gonna happen the morning after?
Some take drugs so the pain is masked
But who wants to live a dampened life?
(I wanna LIVE it TO the MAX --> Ben's idea of emphasis)
I wanna live it to the Max,
Be in life, with God by my side
Experience life through,
...cos for us, Jesus died
Crawlin' 'long the scenic route,
road is rough, but it sure is good.
Climbing  up the mountain pass,
Might seem tough, but the fun times last

These song ideas are Copyright. Ben Reuter.
This page updated August 12, 1999