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Relative filth - a slow, sad song for Glendon.

Info: A song about being over-optimistic with society. Questions statements that make us seem good. There'll allways be sin on this earth, it's just a matter of opening your eyes to find it.

(6) Beautiful things in life, 100101
(8) are they as big as we make them? 010-----? / 10010010
(6) Beautiful things in life,
(8) What is the motive behind it? 10010010
(9) Are we wearing rose-tinted glasses?
8?  How distorted do we want our view? / is our view?
(9) we all have (beat) selective senses (maybe 100110110)
( ) filtering out what we dislike
(9) Dulling our senses with painkiller
(4+4) coz the truth hurts, yeah, the truth hurts.
(9) Disposing trash in beautiful bins.
(8) Doesn't change the fact that it's there.
(9) Bins can't have true inner beauty,
(8) It's what's inside that makes it count.
(9) Dressing up in our favourite mask, (101001010)
(7) Just building a grand fascade, [echo:]it's an illusion.
(9) Masters of deception, we all are.
10) Only in Heaven there'll be pure truth. 1001001001
(8) We're livin' in (pause) relative filth. ((0101-1000 OR 0101-1111) also slowing down)
(9) There's only one way out of this mess
(8) to be freed from this world of trash
(9) ... washed in the blood of the Lamb /
(8) who was slain...
[ending, maybe with chorus?]
Why would anybody want to live here?
(Sinful core, whitewashed tombs, looking good on outside, choose not to see bad, 
bad can be seen if looked for, always there.)

These song ideas are Copyright. Ben Reuter.
This page updated August 12, 1999