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Nauseous (Ben: comments go here.)

It makes me sigh
It makes me sad
It makes me cry
It makes me mad
(I feel so bad)
It makes me nauseous 
[pause] It makes me sick, it makes me nauseous.
[v1 - needs work]
(14) This world is overrun with death, corruption and sin
(11) Makes you wonder what a place we're livin' in
(14) The whole crust of this planet is filthy (really dirty) {sing: filthee}
(11) Things are so bad that it is quite hard to see
Amid the smoggy sin and dirty death
There is a way to be washed and take a clean breath (??????)
This way is through a sacrifice which has been paid for us.
We now can be clean and free thanks to Jesus.
(14) Every-where you look today you can see the (evil/filthy/dirty/sinful) side,
(11) I don't think that I will be able to hide  [..abide, lied, cried, side, hide]
(14) Tho' people try to show their good side, it is hard to find,
(11) Coz it depends what is dwelling on the mind  [...mind, blind, (man)kind]
mortuary: where dead bodies are stored...

These song ideas are Copyright. Ben Reuter.
This page updated August 12, 1999