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Beautiful things (definitely some acoustic G., a touch of classical flavour. Make it beautiful.)
(Lots of finger picking or whatever you call it)
(um, I think I've messed up the poetic engineering of it... but are you allowed to do what I've done??? Does a poetic licence allow it? (that's if you notice it, if you don't, then don't worry))

Quiet times
Beautiful moments
Pretty things
Quiet time with the Lord
(8) The sunset in the evening (afternoon?)
(7) Lovely native birds that sing
(8) These things just make my praises ring
(7) To my Maker and my King
(8)The rugged coastal precipice
(7)Shows my saviours steadfastness.
(8)The harsh yet fragile wilderness (delicate desert)
(7)reveal's God's resourcefulness {balance} {How's this?????}
[Ben's workbench - the next few lines are just my notes.]
The majestic wooded hills sky
... delicate desert
[ert words]
Bert, curt, dirt, covert, hurt, shirt, 
[ess words]
bless, loveliness, _ness, less, caress, nearness, closeness, boundless, resourcefulness
(7)He offers all salvation.
(8)This makes me want to praise Him more. (This makes me want to praise Him for)
(7)For this and his creation              (salvation and creation)
(8)The wondrous things my Lord has made
(7)Prove to me His love for us.
[bridge - put this wherever]
Beautiful moments to think on the Lord.
(He offers us salvation) (Times for meditation) To think on all he's done for us
Makes me want to praise my Lord,
(For this and his creation) as he is just wondrous/ In his glory he's wondrous

These song ideas are Copyright. Ben Reuter.
This page updated August 12, 1999