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Sinful man - this one is sorta sad, but more a touch of disapointment with a pinch of anger.

I'm just a sinful man
in a sinful world
Sick of this sinful life
Feeling like a filthy rag in a garbage can.
Who would want me?
A filthy rag, trying to look snow-white.
I've got no chances
the one above
thanks to His love
my sins are washed away
right here on this day ( or pay, slay, bay, gay, nay, way, today, stay, lay)
[use this as ending maybe?]
I'm a forgiven man
in a sinful world
Thankful for ..
Feeling clean coz I've been "washed in the blood of the lamb"
[this seems to be a bridge]
Wanting to survive
but I do it again.
I'm in a sinful world
A filthy rag again.
A miserable wretch.

These song ideas are Copyright. Ben Reuter.
This page updated August 12, 1999