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The Birdwood Ankara weekend.

Last year we had great fun at the Ankara weekend. "The more the merrier". Ankara has a capacity of around 100, so there's heaps of room.

Where is it?
Ankara is the SDA youth camp along the banks of the Murray River at Walker's Flat (general store, boat ramp, ferry). It has had a fair bit of upgrading recently, including: commercial dishwasher, carpet in the hall, upgrade to bathrooms, new tables and chairs in dining room, beach upgrade (keeps degrading with weather), gazebo, dinner gong, painting, hand rails, gardens, new paths. There is a fair bit of sports equipment (bikes, cricket, basketball (grass), water sports).

Who is it?
Mostly Birdwood, but many friends and other people are invited to join in.

What is it?
A weekend of fun. Sometimes there's a theme. Sabbath generally involves a slightly special, more casual service then either lay activities (zzZZZ), walking or an outing somewhere (maybe by canoe). Sunday usually involves water activities. A Birdwood tradition is to have a water fight.
  How to get there, How long it will take
BH to Mildura 3 hours 48+75+74+89+31= 317
Mildura to Walkers Flat 1.5 hours Loxton to WF(Mum). Maybe 3. 144+20+24+94+(17+10+5) =314 Km (b)
From Mildura head to Renmark. Then either
a) head to Blanchetown via Renmark, Berri, Barmera and Waikerie (the busy main roads). At Blanchetown head to Swan Reach.
b) head to Loxton then to Swan Reach via Pyap, Wunkar and Maggea (back roads - less traffic. Sealed.)
From Swan Reach head to walker's Flat via Nildottie and Wongulla.
Approaching Walkers flat follow the main road to the ferry - down a steep hill. Cross the ferry.
On the other side of the river follow the main road to the left, past the general store. About 300M later you will see the caretaker's cottage on the Left Hand Side(don't enter here!). About 100M later you should be at Ankara. There are more car parks a bit further down the road.

Leaving at 3 pm on Friday should get you there around 10 pm.
You are welcome to leave any time on Sunday. (maybe 1PM)

The other option is to come via Burra:
BH to Tarlee via Burra ~ 4.5 hours 428
Tarlee to Walker Flat ~ 1.5 hours 16+ ~22 + 38+ ~50 =  126 Km
come via Burra. From Tarlee head to Kapunda, then Grenock, Nuriootpa, Angaston, Keyneton, Sedan, Cambrai, Walker Flat (coming from the other direction). This would be about 554 Km. Compared with  631 this is actually shorter by  77 Km !

The last option is to come via our place. This is the worst. 505 Km/ 6+ hours + about 1 hour from our place. I'll be travelling for ~ 2 hours: about 45 min City to home, then about 1 hour home to Ankara via Birdwood (pick up some stuff).

What to bring:

Church flyer - I scanned and OCR'd this.
  The time is rapidly approaching for our church camp at Ankara.  We have decided to do something a little different this year.  Brian Barber, the gentleman who lends us his ride on mower to mow the church lawns, offered to cook at our next camp.  As he often goes away on boat trips and camping trips doing this sort of thing, and because 1 have seen hi culinary expertise in cooking pizzas, we took his offer to the church board and it was voted that we accept Brian's offer.  He will not be charging us for doing this and the only cost that will incur will be the cost of the ingredients, which will be split amongst those who come to the camp.

The menu is:


It is important that if you would like to attend camp and have your meals catered for that we have the exact numbers for catering purposes.

We would like to know by August 5 if you are 1. Planning to attend camp and 2. If you would like your meals catered.  It is also important to realise that if you would just like to come for the day and would like meals provided that we know about this too, as a separate cost will incur.  It is important to have a deadline so that all the final preparations can be made.  You will understand also, if you are a day visitor or if you nvite friends along for the day, you must order your meals by August 5th.

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