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In memory of Granny.

It is Saturday, October 30, 1999. Granny passed away last night.

Some quotes:

I have taken this one out of context. "...They were merely mortal,
gone in a moment like a breath of wind, never to return." Psalm 78:39

"Yet we have this assurance:
Those who belong to God will live;
their bodies will rise again!
 Those who sleep in the earth
will rise up and sing for joy!
 For God's light of life will fall like dew
on his people in the place of the dead!" Isiah 26:17, Quickverse Life Application Bible

My mixed feeling at the moment:

Update: the fire siren just went off a while ago. An ambulance went somewhere. Man, does it stop?

Memories of Granny

What to do:

I know how awkward it can be when somebody is grieving. Since I normally feel uneasy due to not knowing what to do, I'll try to explain some things.

What (I think) I would like people to do:

It can be really emotional when I am reminded of Granny (and her absence).

My thoughts at the moment.
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