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Ben's Primary Education

I don't really like primary education. I prefer the structured format of secondary education. I often wonder "What did I do in primary school? What did I learn?"

I did not attend Kindergaten or Pre-School. I started Primary school one year later than normal at Hills Christian Community School. A few years later I changed to the Spring Head Trinity Lutheran Primary School. Why did I attend primary schools with such long names?? I don't know.

Spring Head is situated near Mt Torrens (both the town and the Mt, which is more of a hill). There are a few houses in the area, however most of the school is surrounded by agricultural land used for cattle grazing. This was quite fun and interesting, as I am still facinated by agricultural equipment (tractors).

Sometimes we had to run in agricultural land for athletic purposes. This activity is not compariable to running as one has to avoid the bovine excretement (cow pats). Occationally we would chase the cows, which easily out ran us.

Tips for Primary School:

ummmmmm...... that's a hard one.

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