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BWAINcrypt applet v0.52

The ever-popular BWAINcrypt is now available as a java applet for your convenience. Future modifications may allow a URL to be directly unencrypted. I might make a 1.2 build for those who have browsers that can run java 1.2

The encryption strength is probably strong enough to keep the average human fooled for a few days, however a professional code cracker could probably crack it in a matter of seconds. The key is the crutial part, use different keys to improve your security, and *NEVER* send the key in the same document as encrypted text!

Quick Content Links: Instructions and errors, Update history, Known Bugs, the BWAINcrypt applet.


To encrypt

  1. Place text to be encrypted in the lower scroll pane. Delete the exisiting text, then either type in the data, or press ^V (Ctrl + V) to paste from the clipboard.
  2. Choose two numeric keys, type them in the two boxes provided (currently unmarked). Remember this key. I don't recommend going above 300.
  3. Click the "Encrypt" button.
  4. The text is now encrypted.
  5. Remember the key!
  6. Unencrypt to verify that everything worked. (start from the second point below)

To unencrypt

  1. Place encrypted text in the scrollable text area
  2. Place the keys in their place
  3. Click "Reverse key" to change enable unencryption. Note that this button has a toggle function.
  4. Click "Encrypt"
  5. Text is now unencrypted
  6. To copy to the clipboard, highlight the text, then press ^C (Ctrl + C) or cut using ^X


Note that any error messages will appear in the status panel, as well as being sent to the standard error device.


Version 0.52 has removed another bug which caused some characters to become space characters. It was due to an inconsistency in the alogrithm.

I've modified the algorithm which has rectified most errors.

I recently fixed a problem that showed up in Netscape's JVM. It should now work in Netscape.

The version has been changed to 0.3 A new feature has been added: Retain Newlines. This encrypts text, leaving the newline characters. The result is a much more friendly output that is less likely to contain control codes which may affect some programs, including, but not limited to, E-mail. I recomend this option be left on, however it should be off to unencrypt files that were encrypted with it off (or encrypted before this feature). The width of the applet has also been increased as it was previously an impractical size.

Known Bugs

Extended ASCII characters are not supported, however the tab character is.

This version is still in it's alpha stages, no reliability is guaranteed whatsoever.

It can be a bit slow, since every character is written to the screen individually. Also java is know to be a bit slow. If you want to reset the applet, just reload the page (depends on your browser)

The applet has not been checked for compatability with the DOS based BWAINcrypt. I suspect there will be compatability problems since the applet uses Unicode while the DOS version uses ASCII.

Data with an odd number of characters will have a space (' ') character appended.

BWAINcrypt applet v0.52

The following java applet is Copyright 2000. Do not infringe copyright by doing such activities as, but not limited to, decompiling, reverse engineering, reselling, selling, claiming as your own work.

The applet is 4.59KB as a JAR file(Java ARchive - compressed). It should be able to run on any browser that can run java 1.1 applets or higher.

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This page updated November 16, 2000.