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BWAINcrypt. The simple encrypter by Ben

Current Version: 1.5 alpha

BWAINcrypt is a simple encrypter that should encrypt all ASCII based files (text files) and maybe other files (binary files). It works on a rather simple system that would be quite easy to crack.

BWAINcrypt is currently only available in a DOS-style interface. When it has been developed, I will make an installer which will simplify use for Windows(tm) users. I'll also provide a Unix version.

If I can get to a Macintosh with a C compiler, I might provide a Mac version.

Future editions may include the following features:

At the moment I'm happy with it, so work is sort of ceasing. These features may have to wait a while.

Comments and instructions:

There are a number of ways to encrypt/decrypt files. Method #3 is reccomended for reading encrypted files.

  1. Type encrypt The default files will be used: output.txt and indata.txt
  2. Type encrypt infile outfile Data will be read from infile and written to outfile
  3. Type encrypt infile. Data will be read from the file infile and the output will be displayed on the screen. The current version is only good for files less than one screen in length.

Version 1.5 can encrypt with larger (positive) keys without generating as many errors.

Since the addition of the command line features, it is now possible to use the encrypter from windows. Drag a file onto the encrypter, or define a file type (such as *.ben). The output will go to the screen. If two files are dragged onto the encrypter, it may overwrite the second file.

Cautions and warnings:

CAUTION: Be carefull with the keys using +/- 32. The document may still be readable.

NOTE: When a file is not encrypted (eg when there's file error) disregard the information "The key to unencrypt this file". I regard this as a design flaw. The error message is correct.

WARNING: If the output file exists, it will be overwritten.

The latest version: Version 1.5 Modified Thursday, 6 May 1999 10:36:10 PM 18492 bytes.

Version 1.2 Requires numeric co-processor and 80286 or higher processor.

Version 1.2 compiled for 8088 and higher processors with no floating point co-processor.

Version 1.2 compiled for 80286 and higher with no floating point co-processor.

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